Storm Damage Repair Service in Your Local Area

Storms can harm a roof in a variety of ways. Hail, high winds, rain, and falling debris are the most prevalent causes of roof damage during a storm. Hail and falling debris can cause shingles to be damaged, and severe winds can rip shingles completely off your roof. Water might pool as a result of heavy rainfall, causing or worsening leaks.

Roof Rangers is a network of experienced and highly skilled roofing contractors who are committed to provide you with top-quality restoration services whenever a storm damages your residential or commercial roof. 

How Can A Storm Damage My Roof?

Storm Damage to Your Roof
  • Wind damage- Winds from a particular storm can sometimes blow a whole roof off. The damage is caused by changes in air pressure above and below the roof. Low air pressure is caused by fast-flowing air from a storm. Meanwhile, within the house, the motionless or slower-flowing air maintains higher air pressure.
  • Hail Damage- When hail hits around 1 inch in diameter, most roofing materials begin to suffer damage. Hail damage to shingles usually appears as pockmarks or little dimples. Hail can also break off shingle or tile at the edges. More serious damage will result from larger hail.
  • Rain damage- Heavy rain can cause leaks and structural damage to your roof. It can also create mold growth in the roof.

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