Commercial Roofing Replacement for Medical Center Facility

Commercial Roofing is quite complex from residential ones as it has certain different features and materials. Replacing a roof is a much bigger project. It requires genuine inspection of overall areas such as roof decking, vents, flashing, gutters, downspouts and drainage pipes. Medical Center is a place where people get all the medical and surgical benefits. It even includes med schools, academic medical centers and small clinics. As these centers should be the most hygienic ones, roof damage cannot be unseen in such places.

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Re-roofing Vs. Roof Replacement

Commercial roofing replacement service

Let’s take a look into the differences between re-roofing and replacing the roof.

The very first point to be remembered is, roof restoration is less costly than roof replacement.

In re-roofing, a new shingle is overlayed on the top of the damaged one. But roof replacement requires a full-proven plan. Installing a new underlay shingle is necessary. The old one is stripped off.

Simple damages like leaks, cracks, holes and others can be repaired easily. But severe problems - missing or broken shingles, heavy mold growth, all must need to be replaced to prevent further damage.

Overall, just covering the damage is called re-roofing. On the other hand, replacement is making a whole new project.

Stay Beside Roof Rangers, Stay Away from Roofing Problems

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