Roofing Replacement & Repair for Medical Centers in Your Area

Commercial Roofing is different than residential roofing in many ways. Not only does it require more materials to handle a much bigger project, but there is concern about potential disruption to a business. For roof-related services at a medical center, you need a roofing contractor that can work around the clock to minimize disruption to patients and staff. Fortunately, Roof Rangers has the solution.

As a national network of top-quality roofing contractors, we work with many different contractors in your local area. All of them are can handle all possible roofing services, including decking, vents, flashing, gutters, downspouts, and drainage pipes. No roof repair is too small. No roof replacement challenge is too large. Roof Rangers serves customers in all 50 states, as well as your local area. To learn more about how we can provide top-notch roofing services for your medical center, call us at 844-334-1444 or click here to secure our services from a local Roof Ranger today.

Re-Roofing vs. Roof Replacement at Your Property

Commercial roofing replacement service

When you deal with Roof Rangers, we can handle all types of roofing services. That causes some clients to ask: should I re-roof my medical center or would I be better off with a replacement roof? Let us explore the difference:

Roof restoration -- i.e. re-roofing -- is less costly than roof replacement. In re-roofing, a new shingle is overlayed on top of the damaged one. This saves time and money. With a roof replacement, however, there is more time and work involved. It will be more expensive because it requires installing a new underlay shingle as well as a new top shingle.

Simple damages like leaks, cracks, holes, and more can be repaired easily. That makes re-roofing your best bet. But more severe issues like missing/broken shingles or mold growth on the roof require full replacement to prevent further damage. Such issues call for a roof replacement.

Trust Roof Rangers to Solve Roof-Related Issues in Your Local Area

Roof Rangers is a network of local roofing service providers. We introduce you to a vast range of companies that are experts in roof-related issues that include roof installation, re-roofing, and more. Any of our members can handle roofing services at your medical center. To find the best Roof Ranger for your job, call 844-334-1444 or click here to line up services from the best roofing company in your local area.